Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Official

It's official...How I Met Your Mother is ruining my life. My sister turned me onto the show a few weeks ago when I innocently asked if there was anything good to watch on Netflix since it seems I have gone through all the documentaries and indie films already. She said there is this one show...HIMYM...and it is really funny...and that's how she survived two years working for a corporate retail giant. I started watching last week and the first few episodes didn't do much for me. But it was easy watching so I kept it on and then, OMG it's now my life! I've been deep cleaning our house so I reward myself after each arduous task with an episode (or two). In my head: After I wash 50 sf of carpet I will watch an episode. After I scrub the shower I will watch another. And it goes on! I've even been blowing off my family for the show. When my sister calls these days, all I have to say is: Well, I am, you know. And she replies: Yeah, girl, I know. And we hang up. It is getting bad! Thankfully I am already on season four so I only have five more to go. I need my life back!

The pond behind our house turns a beautiful aquamarine color during the springtime.
Green pond
The view from our master bedroom. It's been warm enough to finally open a few windows and now our house smells like spring--yay.
Edward taking picture 2
I went shopping for some warm weather clothes and took my assistant with me. Apparently he was taking pictures of me trying on the clothes...oh the way he has my heart.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Me Time

I woke up in a panic as I usually do on weekends because I hate not having plans. And by plans I don't necessarily mean parties and going out; I just need to know what we are going to do as a family well in advance. Are we going to clean, wash the bed sheets, go to the mall? I do great on weekdays when it's just me and Edward; we have things down pat. But throw Steve into the equation and all of a sudden we have a jumble of unknowns. Sure, I could carry on as if it's a weekday and take Edward to the Y, but isn't spending time with family what the weekends are about? Except Steve, like many men I realize, doesn't do well with plans. He likes to wake up (late), play on the computer for a few hours, and then MAYBE start talking about what we could do together by the time dinner rolls around. GAH! The constant negotiation of it all!

I must admit, I was a bit more edgy this morning because A) I'm on my period and B) my sister is visiting in 10 days so I got lots to do around here. And, there's still no sun outside so everything is just more UGH #firstworldproblems. Then, Steve tells me he has plans with his buddies and women may or may not be allowed. Me: Ok...keep going... Him: Someone is going to bring his sons. So I guess families can go. Do you want to go? Me: That's perfect! Take Edward and I'll have ME TIME!!!

So now I am giddy at the prospect of spending the rest of the night by myself. It is a simple luxury I don't get often so I must make the most of it. I'll find something to cook (our pantries are pretty bare but I'm not picky), shampoo the carpet of one room (again, we have people visiting so I am slowly spring cleaning the house), fold three loads of laundry, and watch a few movies on Netflix with a glass of red wine in hand. I'm can be remarkably simple with the small pleasures of life.

Snow again
Snow in April. Beautiful or a treacherous sight?
Dirty carpets
The things I am learning about home ownership! Apparently you are supposed to wash your carpets a couple of times a year. What I found under the couch was horrifying. How do crumbs get UNDER the couch?
After cleaning
My new carpet shampooer is addictive. We still have the odd stain in the carpet but things look so much better!
Clean 2
The white carpet is (mostly) white again!
Clean 3
Since we removed all the furniture from the living room, I took this opportunity to rearrange everything to chance the "flow" of the room.
Working hard
Babes doesn't do well with change. Here he is protesting.
Edward 5
And this is how he watches TV. I know, he confuses me as well.
Plant babies
Our seeds are growing. I can't wait to garden this year.
Humus wrap 2
You gotta try this humus wrap recipe.
Love home
Lately, I've tried to define myself in order to help Steve understand me better. I think there a big side to me that is bohemian (def: Imagination controls a Bohemian's life, a lot of the time destroying them in the process. Bohemians care very little for money and (some) stay secluded spending their lives creating art, music and literature) so I googled "bohemian lifetsyle" and found this lovely picture above.
Love home 2
Then there's this deck picture. I now know what I'm going to do this summer with the extra mattress we have floating around.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hoping for Spring

This week in pictures.

End of march
It's spring around these parts. Can't you tell? Btw took my first yoga class at the YMCA. I think I'm in LOVE.
My diet's been all over the place recently. Here is what I consider a healthy lunch... guac, humus, salmon, cukes, and bread.
Easter eggs
We dyed our Easter eggs already. Edward couldn't wait even two more weeks!
Easter eggs 2
I bought fake eggs so they will last. The only downside is they don't hold color as well as real eggs.
Easter eggs 3
When the eggs dried they turned pastel-y.
Easter eggs 4
Dunk them!
Easter eggs 5
All done!
Easter eggs 6
A few days later we added some decorations.
Making chocolate cake
Yesterday, Edward baked and decorated a chocolate cake for our dinner and movie night.
Getting ready for spring
I am SO ready for spring.
Making stuffed shells
Steve wanted stuffed shells for dinner so I conceded.
Stuffed shells ready for the oven
Before they went into the oven.
Tea and whiskey
I woke up yesterday with a head cold...my 4th one this season! Ugh! So I drank black tea, honey, lemon, and whiskey last night.
My mothers alligators
Meanwhile, the rest of my family has had quite the week! My mom and dad went to Florida (my mom sent me this pic of the alligators they saw) and then hopped on a cruise to the Panama Canal. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Lake in Disneyland 2
On the other side of the coast, my sister's in-laws have been visiting so they went to Disneyland. My sister took this picture...LUV. In two weeks, I get to see this little girl again..they are visiting us in NY. Yipee!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Garden 2.0

Last year, I grew my very first vegetable garden. It was modest--five tomato plants, two blueberry bushes, some raspberries and black berries, a bell pepper plant, and herbs--and we bought way more seeds that I actually used. I had visions of doing a container garden on my deck but my road trips in May and July threw off my summer (in a totally good way!) so I just put most of the plants into the ground. This year, I want to do a bigger garden (plus Edward is old enough to help me maintain it) but I am not sure yet how I want to do it. If we knew we would be at our house for the next 3+ years, I would do a proper 15' by 15' garden in the ground that I will fence off (to keep all the wildlife out of there). But our long-term residence is so up in the air that I don't want want to mess up our grass if we are just going to sell this house in the nearish future (we have no plans at all, but you never know...). So I hope to actually build my raised planters this year so I can finally grow all the yummy veggies seeds I have on the deck. Stay tuned!

Roma tomato ready for a larger pot
A Roma tomato I grew from seed last year. It was a fun summer obsession watching those puppies grow.
Garden 7
I wasn't sure I wanted to invest in a garden this year but seeing all the colorful seed displays in the stores last week made me break down. Edward is just like his mommy--a kid in a candy store! He made me buy two more packets of seeds (like I need anymore!) in exchange for PROMISING to help me with the garden this year.
I also bought a seed starter. After a trying out a few different kinds last year, I've decided I like the larger pods best. That way I don't have to keep upgrading the pot size as the plant gets larger. These are good enough until the plant is ready to go into the ground.
Garden 2
Another thing I learned is to germinate three seeds in each pod. I used to put just one seed in each pod but sometimes the seeds were bad or the plant that grew would be weak. By doing multiples in each pod you can just pinch off the weak ones when they germinate and let the best one continue growing. No wasted pods!
Garden 4
My mini-me put all the seeds in.
Garden 5
The seeds we have started.
Chicken French
We had company over one night so I made Chicken French. The sauce is all butter and white wine...how can it not be good!?
Cooking drinks
I am a drink-wine-while-cooking kind of gal. Plus a side of tea.
Chicken French 2
It was so good I made more the day after. I'll post a recipe at some point.
Ice cream 2
To top all that butter off, I took Edward out for ice cream to celebrate Spring (except it is still hopelessly gray here).
Ice cream 3
I got Blueberry Cheesecake.
Ice cream 4
Edward ate all of his!
Feta tomato sandwich
To counteract my butter and ice cream guilt (actually, I felt just fine enjoying them!), I made a feta and tomato sandwich for lunch the day after.
Garbage plates
Of course Steve orders THIS for dinner tonight. Yoga, pilates, sauna, repeat.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Back from Florida

After a grueling three months in Rochester winter, we finally had an opportunity to hop on a plane to get out of here for a while. We did what most people in our area do...we went to Florida! I've never been and I am glad I can finally cross another state off my list. Enjoy the pictures (even though I brought my nice camera, it was so hot and heavy to carry it that I just took iPhone pics--oh well!)!

Landing in Florida
We landed in Orlando at dinnertime. I see green and a lovely and warm mugginess...
Hotel 2
We stayed at Clarion Suites. It did the trick.
Hotel breakfast
I ate the same breakfast five mornings in a row.
After the storm
We spent the first day acclimating to this thing called warm weather. Steve and I also attended a time share sales meeting (my mom bought our hotel package at a discount so we had to go to this meeting). They put the pressure on us but no, we still do not own a time share.
Legoland 2
Per Edward's request, on our first real day playing in Florida, we drove 45 minutes to Legoland. He is clearly thrilled.
Legoland 17
As you would imagine, everything was made of legos.
Legoland 21
They had these play tables for kids while we waited in line for the rides.
Legoland 24
A lego safari!
Legoland 26
I guess you can build anything out of legos!
Legoland 22
A mommy selfie.
Boat ride in legoland
Boat ride.
Wild style 3
Edward was so excited he got to meet Wyldstyle.
Icee 2
He requested a blue raspberry ICEE.
Daddy winning Edward a toy
And for daddy to win him a toy.
The toy daddy won for Edward
So daddy won him a minion.
China town
My favorite part was the cities made out of legos. Here is Chinatown from San Francisco.
On our second day of fun, we went to Disney World.
Disney 2
We waited over an hour in line just to buy our tickets.
Old school tickets
We used some of Steve's old school tickets from back in the day.
Father and son
Frozen yoghurt.
Waiting in a long line
Edward was mostly good about all the walking and long lines. Occasionally he had to sit on my feet while we waited.
At a comedy show
At the Monsters' Inc. Laughter Floor, Edward rose his hand when the host asked if people from the audience wanted to participate. He wasn't chosen.
Tomorrow land 2
Magic castle
Magic castle all lit up.
Magic castle 4
Show stopper.
Disney at twilight.
Going on the coaster
Edward started riding roller coasters! Here he is on Thunder Mountain.
One of our last rides of the day.
Buying gifts
Before we left Magic Kingdom, Grandma bought Edward a few toys from a gift shop. Lucky boy!
Chik FIL a
For dinner, instead of overspending for food inside the amusement park, we went to this curious fast food place popular in the southern states called Chik-Fil-A. I had their regular chicken sandwich with extra pickles and slathered on their signature sauce (a honey-mustard and mayo concoction). We loved it so much we went twice this trip.
On our last day, we went to Epcot. Edward kept calling it apricot.
Epcot 5
Spaceship Earth is even more amazing up close.
Epcot 8
The grounds were magical.
Beds 2
Epcot had a state fair vibe to it. We dropped by the sustainable gardening display.
World 2
The BEST part of the entire trip? Visiting the worlds! First stop: England.
Fish fry
Naturally we had to have a fish fry (drenched in malt vinegar, of course).
More world
It was spring in Florida. The blooms were open and so pretty.
Morocco 2
Edward is such the world traveler.
Morocco 9
The details in the countries were stunning. Why travel the world when you can do it all at Epcot?
Morocco 10
When I walked into this market area my jaw dropped. I felt like I was on a movie set. This can't be real!
Morocco 12
Everything was just...*sigh*
Japan 2
My baby in Japan.
Japan 7
The building up close. This was actually a restaurant inside.
Germany 2
China 2
China 4
Oh yeah!
China 10
Edward was captivated by the Chinese clay soldiers.
Vertical grower
On the ride "Living with the Land," we saw how Disney grows some of its vegetables they serve in restaurants.
Colors 2
Gardener's Palette.
Delightful colors
Some plants up close.
Fast track
Designing our race car in Test Track.
Fast track 3
Family 2
Goodbye, Epcot. So worth the visit.
Landing in rochester
Back in Rochester, we just experienced the worst snow storm of the season. Yay.
After eating too much junky vacation food, I am doing a short detox. Lots of salads and detox tea.Time to get ready for Spring!